Chalkpaint.org and the luxurious Suenos Guesthouse,  are proud to present the fantastic Autentico Chalk Paint range: as featured in Livingetc Magazineand the paint of choice for the award winning Pretty Nostalgic Magazine's stand at the Hampton Court Flower Show.


Chalkpaint.org is situated in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. We are a stockist of the fantastic Autentico paint range and accessories.

 Orders may take up to 12 days dispatch/delivery time depending on our stock levels and the demand on the factory.



 You already knew Autentico is environmentally friendly and free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and other nasty artificial additives, like superdryers.

 We are very aware that our customers are Eco-friendly, and for that reason will always reuse packaging *



1 Litre and 2.5 Litre Outdoor ( Please contact us, until the items are added to our product list. 
AUTENTICO® SUPERIOR EGGSHELL Autentico® Superior Eggshell is UV resistant, self-priming and low in VOC. Its built-in moisture control features make it perfect for exterior surfaces and interior areas with increased humidity such as kitchens, bathroom walls and furniture.
Autentico® Superior Eggshell is available in the full Autentico® colour range of 140+ colours.
Autentico Terrapieno - embossing paste for 3D effects
Autentico Crackle - Crackle Glaze for crackled effects
Autentico Craquelure -  Two step Craquelure system to create porcelaine style cracks.
Autentico Glaze - translucent medium to extend drying rate, so able to perform decorative techniques.



 The Sealer has been a smashing success. 

It's great in case you need to protect larger painted surfaces (table tops, kitchen cupboards) or walls and even floorboards. 

Available in 100ml Tester Pots and 1 Litre Tins.

Pour& Go system is now in stock.
Very easy to use and no more paint all over the place when pouring from the pot!
Disposable pouring device. No dripping, no spillage of paint

*** The New  Colour Charts  are now available to order *



Autentico Chalk Paint: 


Welcome to the world of the best chalk paints, chalky wall paints and lime paints available.

All chalk paints, chalky wall paints and lime paints  we offer are waterbased, free of solvents and other harmfull additives (VOC free) and can even be used in situations where anti allergic and anti bacterial features are paramount. People call it eco paints, organic paints, environmentally friendly paints...we call it AUTENTICO.

With a total of more than 130 hand picked colours we offer the most comprehensive colour palette in this range, so there is no need to mix colours yourself. 




Autentico Vintage chalk paint was especially developed using old recipies and only natural  ingredients:

it sticks to almost any surface

no need for extensive priming (*)

water based and VOC-free, no harmful additives

can be used as it is, diluted with water or leave the lid open overnight to thicken. 

no need to mix paint without ever achieving the colour you want....

stunning colour scheme with more than 130 deep and rich colours

available in 100 ml testers, 1 L and 2.5 L  pots.

(*) general painting rules apply.  




Contact : theteam@chalkpaint.org              Phone: 07919 408400            



Autentico Velvet is a chalky wall paint with a velvety finish.

Using the same hand picked colours as Autentico Vintage this paint is more runny and has less resins than our Vintage range. This makes it ideal for painting walls and ceilings.

Velvet is water based, VOC free and is easy to apply with a roller

Velvet is ideal to combine with our Vintage® or Venice® range and it delivers a tight and smooth finish together with a unrivalled depth of colour.



Autentico Venice  is a pure lime paint to turn your wall in a piece of art or to paint furniture with simply stunning results 

Using almost all hand picked colours as for Autentico Vintage® this lime paint is really something special. Lime paint needs a mineral subsurface for full functionality. So on existing mineral surfaces like unpainted plaster, bricks and concrete, lime paint can be applied without the need to prime. If you are in doubt, do apply a primer coat first. Just use our Vintage colour white for that job and off you go 



Autentico Exterior Paint

This revolutionary exterior paint will add a beautiful appearance to your surfaces and keep them protected and looking their best for years to come.  

This revolutionary exterior paint will add a beautiful appearance to your surfaces and keep them protected and looking their best for years to come.  

Water repellent and hard wearing with self-cleaning capacities, Autentico uses a combination of unique properties to create a stunning paint that will ensure your walls retain their characteristic appearance and receive a long-lasting barrier against all weather extremes.





chart12small.jpg  chart10small.jpg  chart11small.jpg  chart1small.jpg

chart5small.jpg  chart9small.jpg  chart6small.jpg  chart2small.jpg

chart3small.jpg  chart7small.jpg  chart4small.jpg  chart8small.jpg


Our paint collections contain over 130 colours,

from pure white to warm sand, from the blues to the greens, from Italian to earth tones...


All colours are hand picked and have been developed to match all colour schemes imaginable.

Download Autentico Colour Charts




The New Colour Charts are now available.


The Whites and Neutrals :  30 colours from plain and off-whites to light earth tones;
 The Greys:  30 colours from light to dark grey, inc blue-ish and green-ish greys;
The Blues and Greens:  30 shades of blue and green;
The Italians:  30 colours from yellow via mauves to reds.
 Each Chart costs £2.00



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